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“I'm from Iraq, and it's hard to find DnD players here, so Friends and Fables has been one of the few ways I could enjoy this game, and I've had a blast so far!“
“It’s like having D&D in my pocket! We don’t always have time to set the whole table up, so Friends and Fables is perfect!“
Ian Bowling (@NerdiestStepdad)
“Friends and Fables has lowered the barrier of entry for me, as someone relatively new to tabletop fantasy roleplaying, to create immersive worlds and run creative campaigns.“

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Meet Franz, the smartest AI game master

Long Term Memory

Franz remembers things from way back when.

Automatic Tracking

Inventory, locations, HP, you name it. Franz tracks everything for you, so you can focus on playing the game.

Unleash Your Inner Hero or Villain

Chat GPT might not let you play as villain, but Franz will.

Skillchecks, Spells, and More

Franz can handle all the rules and mechanics of D&D 5e, just like any other DM.

Always Game

Franz is always available to run a campaign wherever and whenever you are.


Customize Franz with your custom instructions, so you can play your way.

Opus, you continue your way up Malfa's tower and all of a sudden the stories you heard from the villagers back in town are starting to make sense. At the top of the stairs, you arrive at a suspiciously empty room. What do you do?
I get low to the ground and try to detect any traps
Opus, roll for perception!
Opus rolled 3 for perception
Base Roll
Wisdom Modifier
Proficiency Bonus
As you scan the floor for any signs of a trap, you notice a tile that looks slightly out of place. Suddenly, the tile give away and a mechanical fist pops out, punching you square in the face! You take 3 bludgeoning damage. Malfa's voice magically appears in the room, as if it were coming through a loud speaker. 'I hope you enjoyed my little surprise, Opus. I'm looking forward to our meeting.'
Opus -3 HP (bludgeoning damage)
HP: 18/32

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