Friends & Fables: A New Chapter!

Friends & Fables: A New Chapter!


Jan 6, 2024

Hello Friends,

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey with Friends & Fables! What started as a game master Discord bot is turning into a full-fledged virtual tabletop for generative text RPGs. We got a ton of feedback from you all, and worked really hard to address all of it in these new updates.

What's new?

  1. Standalone Platform: A much more seamless and integrated experience. See your location, nearby NPCs, and quest objectives at a glance. Actions like casting spells and rolling dice are much easier to access. No more switching between our site and Discord!
  2. Improved AI: Our alpha testers have confirmed that Franz has improved quite a bit compared to the Discord bot. We've reduced repetition, improved storytelling, memory, and more.
  3. World Building Tools: We've added tools for players to build robust worlds, with areas, points of interest, NPCs, and more. If you love GMing and world building, you can now design a world and share it with more people than ever before.
  4. Travel System: We've added a travel system to keep track of your location as well as every other character in your campaign.
  5. Inventory System: We've added an inventory system. Franz will automatically update your inventory.
  6. Revamped Tracking Systems: Our quest, health, item, and spell casting systems have all been improved.

What's happening to the Discord Bot?

We will now refer to the Discord Bot as Legacy Friends & Fables. Legacy will remain live, but is not currently under active development. You can still access the legacy app at

Active Subscriptions If you have an active subscription, nothing will change. Your legacy subscription WILL NOT automatically work with our new platform. We will be issuing a 100% off 1 month coupon to all active subscribers, so you can cancel your existing legacy subscription and move over to the new platform.

For the time being, the new platform will be in an open beta and will not require a subscription to play. We estimate the beta to be open for up to a couple weeks before requiring subscriptions to play.

Vision & Roadmap

Our goal with Friends & Fables is to make ttRPGs more accessible and easier to play. We started out by building Franz, our AI game master. But now, we're going to be building more of a virtual tabletop for dynamic text RPGs.

Game masters and world builders can use our tools to build and run their own campaigns, or use AI to fill in wherever needed. Players will get to explore those hand crafted worlds, and interact with NPCs who will remember things for months.

We'll continue to add more features so you can make robust homebrews. Custom classes, races, spells, items, and more.

Thank you

We would not be here without your support, feedback, and enthusiasm. We are two indie developers who have been building this on nights and weekends, without any funding other than your subscriptions. That support has been incredibly meaningful and has given us the confidence to keep building out this platform. Your feedback has been instrumental in pushing us to make changes that have made the game feel SO much better. Please continue letting us know what we can improve.

Happy Gaming,

Will & David 🌟

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